Gifting by Deliciae

At Deliciae, we love to work with companies to create elegant yet impactful packaging that resonates with the brand. It’s simple - we’re obsessed with design.

Let us help you curate a range of handcrafted signature products in beautiful gift boxes to make a complete gift for any occasion.

We aim to create everlasting memories for both, our clients and the recipients of our gift boxes.

Handmade Truffles
Our gorgeous handcrafted chocolate based confections taste rich and indulgent and come with a silky, creamy centre.

Dry Fruit Dates
Our signature collection of Dry Fruit Dates are These are a superfood with a healthy but delicious twist. They’re center filled, dipped and coated which makes every bite a burst of flavour.

Almond Marzipans
These are sweet little confections rich in almond flavour, mildly flavored, that you can’t get enough of. The colored chocolate coating makes them a stunning gift.

Almond Rochers
Packed with almonds, these sugar free treats have the perfect nutty crunch.

Our authentic French Macarons are crunchy & moist and melt in your mouth. They make an elegant and luscious gift.

The iconic Italian Cookie makes a great sweet, crunchy snack. Its chocolate & dry fruit combination makes it nothing short of perfect.

Health Bars
Packed with seeds, nuts and dry fruits, these nutrition dense treats are sugar free and make a thoughtful, healthy gift.

The florentine bars are an irresistible pairing of nuts and dry fruits with a hint of sweetness, making them a delicious gift.

Gift Hampers
A Deliciae gift hamper will spoil you for choice! Contact us to customise your hampers with our products & more.