Cake Shop in Juhu

From having to physically visit a patisserie & being forced to take a hasty decision overwhelmed by the crowd at the store to taking your own sweet time and placing an order for cakes online having it delivered to your doorstep within hours - technology sure is changing the way we go about buying cakes! What’s better is the numerous options you’re showered with while you order cakes online in Juhu, make it convenient to find a cake suited for just about any occasion. And to be honest, do we ever really need an occasion to dig deep into a cake?  Our mission has always been to provide you with the best possible product, backed by the best possible service. Considering how important home deliveries are today, we are proud to be able to provide a smooth in-house delivery service, to every Mumbai pin code. If you order cakes online in Juhu through our website, we even provide you with same day delivery!  If you’re looking for a cake shop in Juhu that gives you a complete patisserie experience, let Deliciae by Bunty Mahajan take care of your sweet tooth needs! Right from a wide variety of delectable Gourmet Cakes, scrumptious Tarts & Meringues, gorgeously packed Gift Boxes will have you drooling as you browse through []( If you want to order cakes online in Juhu for a birthday, anniversary or just about any occasion, Deliciae has the perfect treat to fit every celebration! Don’t believe us? You can see for yourself!

Gourmet Cakes

If you’re looking for a cake shop in Juhu for the best Gourmet Cakes, you can order cakes online in Juhu from us! We know how special cakes are, all the more when it’s for an occasion. So we ensure each Deliciae cake is generously layered and beautifully flavoured to give you a divine experience with every slice. Our Gourmet Cakes help us add to your occasion and that’s the best part of doing what we do!


Gourmet Desserts

For when you’re not in the mood for a whole cake, satisfy your sweet tooth cravings with Deliciae’s Gourmet Desserts! Whether you’re feeling blue, having a tough day at work or simply don’t feel like it, a dessert can be a total mood-changer, your stress buster and the ultimate comfort food! You can order these desserts online in Juhu to share it with a loved one or indulge it all by yourself - either way, it’s happiness guaranteed!


Custom Cakes

If you’re looking to order a cake online in Juhu, but not just any ordinary cake - Deliciae is known for its eccentric Custom Cakes! A cake shop in Juhu where you get to choose the design, style, flavour and theme of the cake could be a real game changer. These days, over-the-top, glamorous looking cakes for birthdays, anniversaries and special occasions are all the hype, so why not join the bandwagon and create your own cake for someone you truly love? What better way than this to show them you really, truly care!


Gift Boxes

We may be a cake shop in Juhu, but sometimes a cake alone doesn’t cut it! Especially if you want to surprise a special someone on their birthday, you feel like going all out. In that case, you can order a cake online in Juhu as well as add a Gift Box to your order! You can choose from Macarons, Chocolate covered Dry Fruits & a lot more. Your recipient will definitely not be expecting the extra gift and it will definitely make them really content!



For a personal touch to your order, you can send a heartfelt message on a card to go along with the cake. Use the opportunity to make your near and dear ones feel loved and special. You can also personalise the message on the cake! We highly recommend this for anniversary cakes.


Cake Delivery from anywhere in the world!

It’s true! If you live outside of Mumbai but have relatives or friends residing in Juhu, you could place an order online from absolutely anywhere in the world and get online cake delivery in Juhu! So, if distance was a barrier earlier, don’t let it come in the way of a special someone’s celebrations anymore. Just sit back, place an order online for any celebration cakes in Mumbai and let us do the rest!