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Nothing says “celebration” quite like a cake! Whether you’ve been tasked with planning a friend’s birthday party or happen to be hosting a celebration of your own, cake is a must. If you’re on the lookout for cake shops in Bandra and need to gift someone a cake on their milestone, leave it to us to make your occasion a memorable one. If you are looking for an online cake delivery in Bandra from a patisserie that offers a wide variety of Gourmet cakes, elegant packaging, customisations & online delivery, we’d say you’ve come to the right place! Besides, why go through the hassle of traveling to a cake shop when you can get online cake delivery in Bandra itself! And no, you do not need to place your order days and days in advance for we provide same day delivery between Bandra and Juhu. Right from Gourmet cakes to desserts and gift boxes, there’s something for everyone at Deliciae.

Gourmet Cakes

If you’re looking for an online cake delivery in Bandra for Gourmet cakes, look no further. We have a splendid range of Gourmet cakes, right from chocolate to caramel and everything in between! Some of our most popular flavours are the Hazelnut Divine, Tiramisu Gâteau & Biscoff Gâteau. You’re most likely to be spoilt for choice but there’s plenty of variety for that hard-to-please friend, colleague or family member you’re looking to surprise with a cake!

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Gourmet Desserts

For when you’re not in the mood for a whole cake or if you simply want to share a dessert or gobble it up by yourself - that’s where our ‘DELforTWO’ and ‘DELforFAM’ desserts come into action! We’re a cake shop at Bandra west that aim to cater to absolutely any and every sweet tooth craving you may have!

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Custom Celebration Cakes

Sometimes you need a confection that goes beyond the regular cakework. In that case, a customised cake where you get to decide the style, flavour & look of the cake might work the best for you. Deliciae is a cake shop that provides online cake delivery in Bandra, catering to all your customised cake needs. Be it a wedding cake, 3D Birthday cake or absolutely anything, let us help you turn your dream cake into reality!

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Gift Boxes

A cake alone doesn’t cut it sometimes. If you’re planning to go all out and surprise someone with a birthday treat, opt for some add-ons to go with your cake! Perhaps some elegantly packaged Gift Boxes - like a Box of Macarons, Dry Fruit Dates, Hazelnut Rochers, Handmade Truffles, etc. These make for a splendid add-on to your surprise birthday order and will truly make your recipient happy!

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For a personal touch to your order, you can send a heartfelt message on a card to go along with the cake. Use the opportunity to make your near and dear ones feel loved and special. You can also personalise the message on the cake!

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Cake Delivery from anywhere in the world!

It’s true! If you live outside of Mumbai but have relatives or friends residing in Bandra, you could place an order online from absolutely anywhere in the world and get online cake delivery in Bandra! So, if distance was a barrier earlier, don’t let it come in the way of a special someone’s celebrations anymore. Just sit back, place an order online and let us do the rest! #ThinkCakeThinkDeliciae

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