Cake Shop in Andheri

A cake is undoubtedly an indispensable part of any special occasion. It’s your remedy for a bad day and your go-to as a surprise to someone special on their birthday. That’s exactly what encourages us to deliver nothing but the best in terms of the taste, design and feel of it.  Before you go on the lookout for cake shops in Andheri, we have something better in store. Who would’ve thought we’d see a time where one wouldn’t necessarily need to step out of their house to get cakes & desserts for important celebrations? With technology rapidly evolving, there’s barely anything that’s left unattainable, one of the things being you can [order cake online](! Yes, we may have discovered the best cake shop in Andheri, but we’ll allow you to decide for yourself. You can now basically have a cake delivered to your doorstep at the snap of a finger! If you reside in Andheri and are in need of a Gourmet cake, we have a super accessible, user-friendly online portal from where you can order cakes online in Andheri west!  Whether you are celebrating a birthday, engagement, anniversary or just about any occasion and wish to do it in style, you’ll see a variety of cake shops in Andheri! With an abundance of choices for even the pickiest of people, thematic cakes are quickly becoming the charm of every occasion! If you are looking to order cakes online in Andheri and want it to be a total show-stealer, here’s what you can find at Deliciae-

Wedding Cakes

Bunty Mahajan is known for her spectacular Wedding Cake designs! The Luxury Wedding Cake Collection is one of her specialties. These days, everyone wants their Wedding Cake to have a “WOW” factor to it and that’s what we principally strive to do for you. If you reside in Andheri and are looking for nothing but the best cake shop in Andheri to have the work done for you, you can simply order a cake online in Andheri West from Deliciae, since we deliver across Mumbai. Let us make it a fun, hassle-free experience for you!


Engagement Cakes

We’ve seen engagement ceremonies become more and more lavish over the years, it’s performed with as much grandeur and style as the actual wedding! So, we’re definitely all for over-the-top, extravagant engagement cakes. The charm of Bunty Mahajan’s engagement cake creations remains unparalleled & has garnered immense love and appreciation over the years. If you’re intrigued by these for your own ceremony and stay in Andheri, you can order a cake online in Andheri west and be rest assured to receive a cake that’ll be cherished by you and your loved one for years to come!


Baby Shower Cakes

No baby shower is complete without a cake to mark the occasion. These days, people are opting for more modern and unique designs to celebrate the impending arrival of their little one. Whether you’re hosting a baby shower party of your own or want to give someone a baby shower present, you can order a cake online in Andheri West & let Deliciae take care of the rest! We can customise designs as per your liking & taste and deliver the cake of your dreams. All you need to do is, sit back and order online, it really is that easy!


Birthday Cakes

Surprising someone with a gourmet cake on their birthday to emphasize just how truly special they are can make their day. Birthdays only come once a year, so don’t shy away from going all out, especially if it means bringing joy to a loved one! You can easily order a cake online in Andheri West, whether it’s for your own birthday or a special someone’s birthday. So, don’t get overwhelmed by the variety of cake shops in Andheri. Leave it to us to deliver a product that exceeds all your expectations! We’ve got a variety of birthday cake mumbai options, so you’ll find something for every occasion.


Kids Birthday Cakes

Whether it is elaborate, simple, baby girl or boy, sports or cartoon themed, let the best cake shop in Andheri do the trick for you! We love working around various themes, characters and cartoons to ensure we deliver a birthday cake that promises to bring a smile to your child’s face.

Browse through our designs for birthday cakes for kids or personalise something special for your child! We know a great 3D Cake can take your kid’s birthday party up a notch.

We strive to be the best cake shop in Andheri & an all-round delightful experience from hassle free ordering & delivery to product taste & design await you!

If you’re looking for more Custom Cake inspirations, you can head to our Instagram & start exploring! So, we’ve got all your Cake shops in Andheri needs covered under one roof!